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Who was Arleen Sorkin, Original Voice of Harley Quinn and Death Cause

Arleen Sorkin, who you might know from her role on a show called “Days of Our Lives” and as the original voice of a character named Harley Quinn, has passed away due to Lung Cancer. She was 67 years old.

A person who does voices for characters, named Neil Kaplan, shared the sad news on a place called X (which used to be called Twitter) on a Friday. He said, “It made me really sad to hear that Arlene Sorkin, the original voice of Harley Quinn, has passed away. I really liked her work as HQ and also as Calliope in ‘Days of Our Lives.'”

Arleen Sorkin was born and grew up in a place called Washington, D.C. She started her career by performing in a type of show called cabaret, where she sang and entertained people with funny acts during the 1970s.

Later on, she became well-known after getting a part in a show called “Days of Our Lives,” where she played a character named Calliope Jones.

Besides acting, Arleen Sorkin had many talents. She also worked as a writer for a show called “Tiny Toon Adventures” and a movie with Jennifer Aniston called “Picture Perfect” in the 1990s. She even co-hosted a show called “America’s Funniest People” in 1990.

A person named Paul Dini made up the character Harley Quinn, who is the girlfriend of a character called the Joker in comic books from a company called DC. He got the idea for Harley Quinn from Arleen Sorkin, who was his roommate when they were in college. He said he got inspired by some really strange and creative dream scenes that Arleen Sorkin acted out on the show “Days of Our Lives.”

Arleen Sorkin also became the first person to use her voice for the character Harley Quinn in many different TV shows and movies.

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