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Cat exhumed near Rawalpindi shrine after family claim they buried young ‘saint’ who died in Spain

Rawalpindi: Remains of a cat were exhumed after grave was opened up near the shrine of Dhok Abdullah in Tarbela Colony within the remits of Saddar Bairooni Police Station.

Locals said a family from Spain dug the grave two months ago and claimed that they had buried their child، who they claimed was like a saint.

They said the family said they brought the body of the boy to Pakistan via an airline after he died in Spain.

The residents grew suspicious of the family and approached the police to take notice of the matter.

Journalist Israr Ahmad Rajpoot, who is associated with English daily The Nation, sais an application seeking exhumation of the “body” was also filed by the residents of the area but it was dismissed by a judge.

The locals also approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) but to no avail.

The truth was revealed only when the man who had dug the grave spilled the beans when a dispute erupted between him and the Pakistani family which had returned from Spain over money.

The man disclosed that no human body was buried in the grave. He said that body of a cat, a prayer rag and pages of Holy Quran were buried in the grave.

The grave was then opened up by locals in the presence of some clerics and remains of the cat and other items were recovered.

Israr Rajooot said that heavy contingent of police were deployed int the area after the grave was opened.

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