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Cheap plastic sunglasses harmful for eye sight

ISLAMABAD: Cheap sunglasses could harm eye-sight, cause eye related issues during scorching and humid summer, Dr. Tassaduq an eye specialist said on Wednesday.

While talking to a private news channel he said that it was very important to verify the quality of sunglasses to provide complete protection from Ultraviolet rays as this would save your eyes from the sun”s harmful rays that could cause long-term eye damage and even permanent vision loss.

People should not assume that cheap sunglasses provide this level of protection, even if a sticker on the lenses says, “blocks UV” , he said.

“The basic purposes of sunglasses are to shield your eyes from damaging rays of the sun, to enable you to see clearly and comfortably in bright sunlight, to protect your eyes from injury or irritation,” he stated.

But people usually tend to prefer cheap glasses due to affordable prices than expensive and good in quality sun glasses, he mentioned.

Naseer Ahmed runs a small cafeteria in a public place said, sunglasses could be lost or damaged easily so purchasing a costly pair was not possible for him.

Scorching heat irritates vision and the person even cannot open his/her eyes in sunshine, he further added.

“It is next to impossible to step out without putting on sunglasses as sun rays become too harsh during summer moreover it keeps one look fashionable,” said Aliya a college student.

She further said that she always bought sunglasses from the road vendors as she could not purchase branded sunglasses with limited pocket money, she had lost dozens of sunglasses in last three months, she said.

Zill e Huma a thirty year-old private school teacher said while sharing her experience that she used to buy cheap sunglasses in bulk during her teens but experienced sever itching as cheap plastic glasses did not protect in extremely hot weather.

I wasted all my plastic sunglasses” collection and replaced it with one good quality of sunglasses as quality matters the most in comparison to the quantity” she further added.

Hameed Gul requested that companies should bring good standard sunglasses with affordable prices for the mediocre strata of the society. Associated Press of Pakistan

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