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Pakistan President condemns India’s obsession with Kashmiri girls

Islamabad: President of Pakistan on Sunday condemned Indian nationalists’ remarks about Kashmiri girls following the revocation of article 370.

The President used his personal Twitter account to share a Turkish media report that stated Hindu nationalists see it as an opportunity to “score white-skinned Kashmiri wives” and land.

“This is how Indians intend to treat Kashmiri women. Shameful indeed. Misogyny at its worst,” President Arif commented while retweeting the TRT video report.

Hours before the President’s Tweet, Chief Minister of India’s Haryana state Lal Khattar said people from his area can now get brides from Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A.

A senior Indian journalist called out the politician for his remarks and said ” Kashmiri women are not your cattle Mr Khattar. Repulsive. “

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