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ParkView City reacts to viral video of ‘Overseas Pakistani’

ParkView City has reacted to a viral video that has been doing the rounds on social for a couple of days now.

Senior Pakistani journalist Sabookh Syed approached the housing society with a request for comments on the video that shows an “overseas Pakistani” calling on the army chief to take action against Aleem Khan-owned business because a fraud was committed against him.

The unnamed man says in the video that he paid Rs10 million to acquire a plot but when he approached the housing society with an allotment letter, he was told that there was no plot allocated in his name.

The society said the man in the video has been defrauded by a private property dealer who had nothing to do with the Park View City.

The management of the society said it would contact the man and provide assistance in resolving the issue.

Below is the Urdu language communication that took place between Sabookh Syed and the management of ParkView City.

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