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Parts of Bahria Town Karachi submerged after heavy rain

Karachi: Bahria Town on Wednesday rejected reports that heavy rain submerged the housing society.

The housing society released a video of its entrance in the early hours of Thursday and said there was no water near the entrance.

Multiple videos of of Bahria Town Karachi being inundated by rainwater were widely circulated, with journalists and citizens questioning the arrangements to clear the water.

Journalist Asad Toor and comedian Faysal Chaudhry were prominent among hundreds of people who shared purported videos from Bahria Town during the rain.

A video shared by Faysal Chaudhry showed Bahria Town’s entrance completely submerged.

The video posted by Asad Ali Toor showed Bahria Town’s vehicle stuck in flood water.

Private weather monitoring website Pakweather.com addressed the situation at Bahria Town in a couple of tweets, praising the society’s infrastructure and it’s administration’s ability to clear the water.

Meanwhile, Bahria Town became a Twitter trend as people shared their thoughts about the heavy rain and the havoc it played with the city and Bahria Town’s roads.

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