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Pervez Elahi did not hold secret meeting with establishment’s representative in Rawalpindi

Lahore: Rumors are swirling about Pervez Elahi’s alleged secret meeting that he held in Rawalpindi on Friday.

While some people believe that he met a powerful person from the Pakistani establishment, informed people in Islamabad think nobody in the military is interested in meeting him and no such meeting was held.

They think Pervez Elahi is trying to create a false impression that he has got connections within the establishment and wants a fair share of seats from Imran Khan in the next general elections.

He also wants to trick Khan into believing that any delay in dissolution of Punjab Assembly would be part of a plan that has establishment’s backing.

The likes of Imran Riaz Khan also took a sigh of relief when news came in about Elahi’s meeting with establishment. They wanted to believe that Pervez Elahi is trying to meditate between Imran Khan and the army because they can’t risk angering the military to point where action is initiated them for misleading people.

Informed sources said that Chaudhry Pervez Elahi has been persuading Khan to delay the dissolution of assemblies because he does not want to anger the establishment at a time when Pakistan is going through an economic meltdown.

Pervez Elahi’s son Moonis Elahi recently claimed that they were asked by General Bajwa to join PTI.

His claim was also rejected by some reliable sources who said it was retired General Muzammil, the former Wapda chairman, who asked Chaudhry Pervez Elahi and Moonis Elahi to side with Imran Khan.

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