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PM Imran launches Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday launched Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, a project under which the PTI government
aims to construct five million houses.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, the premier said that the ambitious project would create employment opportunities and economic activities in the country.

The government intends to build 1,35000 residential units in the first phase of the scheme which also include 25.000 flats for the government employees in Islamabad under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said he recently held meeting with a delegation of Chinese investor who informed him that they can build multi-storey buildings in short time with the help of equipment and technology they are using in their own country.

He said the Chinese company is capable of building single story in a week. He technology will help expedite the construction of houses in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

The prime minister said the government also have plans for Katchi Aabais (slums) in major cities of the country.

He said Karachi’s 40 percent population was living in Katchi Abadis, without elaborating.

Khan said no other government cared about the residents of Katchi Abadis.

The prime minister multiple investors were taking interest in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

He said the government would encourage the youth and private sector to come forward and join the project.

The premier also rejected the opposition’s claims that his government has failed to deliver.

“This is just 8 months old government and they have peddled propaganda against us that PTI government is failing, No ! we are not,” PM Imran said.

“I have been witnessing ups and downs in my entire life, this propaganda against the government is being spread by the opportunist clan that has been laundering massive money in the past,” the prime minister said.

Following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech internet users have lauded the government for launching the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in order to provide salaried class their own houses.

Critics, however, continued to target the PTI government on Twitter for the worsening economic situation.

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