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PTI leader seeks ‘clarification’ after Mullah Omar’s son says US drones using Pakiatan’s airspace

Islamabad: The Pakiatan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shireen Mazari on Sunday asked the army and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to Afghan Defence Minister’s claim that Pakistan’s airspace was being used by US drones.

Speaking at a press conferemce, The Afghan Defence Minister, Mulla Yaqoob, the son of former Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar, said that his country’s radar system was destroyed when the Americans evacuated.

“But our intelligence suggests that the US Drone’s were entering through Pakistan. “We demand that Pakistan does not allow its air space, ” he said in Pashto language.

Shireen Mazari was quick to share the Taliban leader’s statement.

She wrote, “This is a serious allegation. We suffered death of our citizens and paid heavy economic costs of fighting US wars before. We cannot be dragged into another such war. Nation needs clarification from Mofa (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and ISPR (army’s media wing) if we have again done a deal with US to allow drone overflights.

The PTI leader also shared Mullah Yaqoob’s statement with an Urdu language caption.

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