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Ramadan Timing 2019 – Today’s SEHR-O-IFTAR Time & Calendar


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Sehr and Iftar timings Ramadan 2019

Holy Month of Ramadan started on May, 07, 2019. In this Holy month, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and having sex from (Sehr and Iftar timings) dawn until sunset.

The month ends after moon of Shawwal is sighted which marks the start of Eidul-Fitr holiday.

Here you can find “today’s sehri and Iftar Time” for the entire month of Ramadan 2019 in Pakistan.

1Tue 07 May04:29 AM7:05 PM
2Wed 08 May04:28 AM7:06 PM
3Thu 09 May04:27 AM7:07 PM
4Fri 10 May04:26 AM7:07 PM
5Sat 11 May04:26 AM7:08 PM
6Sun 12 May04:25 AM7:08 PM
7Mon 13 May04:24 AM7:09 PM
8Tue 14 May04:23 AM7:09 PM
9Wed 15 May04:23 AM7:10 PM
10Thu 16 May04:22 AM7:10 PM
11Fri 17 May04:21 AM7:11 PM
12Sat 18 May04:21 AM7:11 PM
13Sun 19 May04:20 AM7:12 PM
14Mon 20 May04:19 AM7:12 PM
15Tue 21 May04:19 AM7:13 PM
16Wed 22 May04:18 AM7:13 PM
17Thu 23 May04:18 AM7:14 PM
18Fri 24 May04:17 AM7:14 PM
19Sat 25 May04:17 AM7:15 PM
20Sun 26 May04:16 AM7:15 PM
21Mon 27 May04:16 AM7:16 PM
22Tue 28 May04:15 AM7:16 PM
23Wed 29 May04:15 AM7:17 PM
24Thu 30 May04:15 AM7:17 PM
25Fri 31 May04:14 AM7:18 PM
26Sat 01 June04:14 AM7:18 PM
27Sun 02 June04:14 AM7:18 PM
28Mon 03 June04:13 AM7:19 PM
2904:13 AM04:13 AM7:19 PM
30Wed 05 June7:20 PM7:20 PM

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