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‘Richest Kid in Pakistan’: Reason why you shouldn’t envy him

YouTubers Shahveer Jafry and Zaid Ali recently visited Shameel Zahid , the so-called “Richest Kid in Pakistan”, leaving thousands of their viewers in awe of the of luxurious house and the cars that the TikToker owns.

The YouTube video garnered huge response and it was nearing a million views by the end of the day on Saturday.

While the duo gave a brief tour of Shameel’s house, showed his expensive mobile phone and Lamborghini sports car, there was little information about how a teenager amassed such a large fortune to get his hands on all this stuff.

The YouTube video also had viewers wondering about a couple of things.

Most of them were observed asking how come a TikToker who just reached 1 million followers on TikTok can buy a bungalow, an Italian sports car and many other luxuries.


Some of them were eager to know about the networth of Shameel while others wanted to know how do TikTokers make money.

For all the teenagers wondering about all these things, nobody other than the TikToker himself can tell the exact amount of money he earns. We can only assume just how much it might be.

According to a research, some companies pay $200 to $20, 000 per branded video promoted by influencers, depending on Tiktoker’s influence.

Followers of any Tiktoker can have the slightest idea of how much money they are making by observing how often they promote a certain brand.

For those envying the so-called “Richest Kid In Pakistan” there is nothing wrong in making money and longing for better lifestyle but envying social media celebrities is not a healthy sign.

If you are a students, just focus on your studies and try to be what you always wanted to be. Money doesn’t always make you happy.

This world is waiting for you to make it a better place. At the end of the day, it is not money. It’s about being happy and loving what you are doing and where you are.

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