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What’s written in the letter PM Imran waved at PTI rally ?

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan stirred a debate with his claim at Sunday’s rally that he received a threatening letter from a foreign country.

Khan waved the letter but did not reveal it’s content. He, however, said that a conspiracy was being hatched against him and accused opposition parties of receiving foreign funds to topple his government.

Pakistani journalist Rauf Klara said a senior diplomat and sources in the foreign office told him that the prime minister was advised against using the letter for internal politics.

They said that the letter was a routine communication from a European country and it contained no threats.

Klasra said that the diplomats told him that such letters are often exchanged between countries and the foreign office handles it diplomatically.

Talking about what was written in the letter, he said that the European country said that the Pakistani prime minister was fanning anti-West and anti-American sentiments with his speeches which could hurt bilateral relations.

He said that the diplomats were of the view that the letter did not threaten to topple Khan’s government.

Check out what Klasra said:

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