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Fans arrested after clashes in Pakistan vs Afghanistan World Cup match

Fans arrested after clashes in Pakistan vs Afghanistan World Cup match

Leeds: Police have arrested several cricket fans after they clashed during the World Cup match between Pakistan and Afghanistan in Leeds, Headingley Saturday.

Security was on high alert after Pakistan defeated Afghanistan by three wickets in their must win match.

A video posted on Twitter showed a group of Afghan fans beating up a Pakistani supporter outside the stadium.

Other videos also showed clashes between the fans as police intervened.

The local police and ICC officials have said action would be taken against those involved in violence.

A photo showed an alleged Afghan supporter being nabbed by ICC security as he attempted to assault the Pakistan batsmen who led their team to victory in the last over.

Tensions run high between the two countries due to political reasons although both Pakistan and Afghanistan are Muslim majority nations.

In various Twitter posts Pakistanis accused their western neighbors of being ingrates while Afghans held Pakistan accountable for the violence in their country.

Although rivalry between Pakistan and Indian runs deep and both the country have fought three wars, the cricket fans of both the countries have never indulged in violence that was seen between Pakistan vs Afghanistan.

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