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Sachin Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan in 1987

Few people know that Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar had played for Pakistan the first time he played “international cricket”.

Although former captain started his international cricket against Pakistan in 1989, he had fielded for Imran Khan’s team two years ago in 1987.

In his 2013 article for DNA India, G Krishnan wrote that it actually happened on January 20 during an exhibition match between Pakistan and India at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

It was the 40 over match before the test series between the two countries began.

Quoting childhood friend of Tendulkar, Kirshnan wrote, “Some of the Pakistan players were going to the team hotel to rest. Imran came to Hemant Kenkre (CCI captain) and said that he was short of players and if he could get three-four players to field. Two youngsters were in the vicinity – Khushru Vasania and Sachin Tendulkar.

“Sachin saw Hemant and asked in Marathi ‘Me Zaaoo Ka?’ (‘Can I go’). Before Hemant could nod his head, Sachin was already in the field as a substitute for Pakistan. It was towards the end of the match and Sachin was on the field for about 25 minutes,” the article quoted Tendulkar’s friend
Marcus Couto as saying.

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