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Young Fortnite Gamer set to win £2.4m in World Cup

15-years old Benjy Fish is all set to win the Fortnite wolrd championship.
He is among handful of gamers to win £2.4 million as supreme champion.
Even if he loses the final, Fish, who has been training 12 hours a day, would still get £40,000.
The Fortnite Gamer who grabs the second position would get a prize of over £1 million.
Benjy Fish lost his father when he was just eight months old and is determined to buy his family their own house because e they have been renting since his dad’s death.
“”I would like to buy a house for my family. We have always been renting since my dad passed away when I was eight months old so it would be nice to be able to help out,” The Mirror quoted him as saying.

He uses the name ‘Benjyfishy’ on the game and has a huge following on social media. He is famous name in the gaming community.
“It will be a bit different because I’ve never been on a huge stage like that before,” he said.

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