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CCTV from Karachi bakery “Dhamthal Sweets” shows how easily pickpocket can steal your phone

KARACHI: CCTV footage from Karachi bakery “Dhamthal Sweets” is being widely shared on the social media in the metropolis with people demanding police to arrest a pair of pickpockets who are seen stealing a customer’s mobile phone.

The footage shows two pickpockets (who by no means look like criminals) following a customer into the bakery.

As the man approaches the counter, one of the thieves spotting a beard and wearing a kurta also follows him holding a plate of nimco or sweets pretending to be customer.

Then the other and relatively younger thief comes closer pretending to see what his companion was buying. In the meanwhile, he gets his hands on the mobile phone of the customer who doesn’t seem to have any idea of what was happening to him

The date on footage shows the incident took place recently.

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