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‘Tann, Mann, L..’: Slip of tongue at anti-India rally goes viral

A speech from an anti-India rally went wrong and it is going viral on the Internet with people posting hilarious remarks on social media platforms.

The speaker at the rally apparently held in Azad Kashmir is filmed thanking the Jamaat-e-Islami for lending support to the rally in sending a message to Modi-led India.

The unknown speaker made the unfortunate slip of the tongue while highlighting Jamaat’s efforts by intending to say the party supported the rally physically, emotionally and by all means using Urdu words “Tann Mann and Dhann”.

But he uttered the wrong word “Lu..” instead, an Urdu language word for penis.

The rally was reportedly held in the wake of recent spike in tensions between Pakistan and India after Pulwama attack in Occupied Kashmir.

India blamed Pakistan for the suicide bombing in Kashmir that killed over 40 paramilitaries and conducted aerial strikes in Balakot.

Islamabad promised to respond and the next day it shot down two Indian aircraft in retaliation capturing one of the pilots.

The pilot was released last Friday as a peace gesture.

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