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Coronavirus: ‘US has practically implemented Islamic sharia law’

The United States now has more coronavirus cases reported than any other country in the world.

The country on Thursday passed China, a country four times larger In population.

The crisis created by the killer virus has rendered over three million jobless in the US.

The government has taken plenty of steps including some economic measures to tackle the issue.

While government has announced special funds to ease burden on the people amid the economic problems created by the virus, health experts in the country are urging people to do certain things to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading.

The spread of the virus has sent shock waves across the world but some social media users remains nonchalant in the face of the virus threat and continue to make jokes about the deadly disease.

One such joke doing the rounds on social media and whatsApp groups is aimed at the measures being taken the US government to overcome the crisis.

According to the joke , the US has practically implemented Islamic sharia law amid the coronavirus outbreak since all the things it has either announced as part of relief efforts or precautionary measures are in line with Islam.

Here’s the screenshot of the joke that was shared a Twitter users who said he received it from a Muslim friend.

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