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Dubai prince thankful for Samsung Galaxy Fold ahead of launch

DUBAI: Samsung Galaxy Fold is all set to launch on April 26.

Ahead of its big launch, the South Korean tech giant has sent out the device to Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoom as part of its promotional campaign.

The tech-savvy Crown Prince, popularly know as Fazza, posted to his Instagram story photo and video of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, giving thumbs up to the company for launching the revolutionary device.

The prince has a huge following on Instagram and keeps his 7.8 million followers updated on his activities.

The prince sharing first look of Samsung Galaxy Fold on Instagram came as a surprise to the his followers given his fondness for Apple devices.

Posting a video and image of the foldable phone, the crown prince thanked the company and gave a shout-out ahead of Samsung Galaxy Fold launch.

The phone called ‘Foldable phablet’ is a 4.3 inch device which opens like a book, revealing a double sized 7.3-inches screen.

Samsung Galaxy fold is expected to be priced at $1980.

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