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Fact-check: British Consul General to Jeddah Seif Usher embraced Islam 25 years ago

Karachi: Pakistani media outlets on Saturday reported that British consul-general to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has embraced Islam and changed his name to Seif Usher.

The news was based on a picture of Seif he took at Masjid Al Nabawi and posted it on social media account with an Arabic language caption.

“I am very happy to return to my favorite city – Madina – and perform the Fajr prayer at the Prophet’s Mosque,” he said.

The fact is that he Seif did not chang his name recently nor did he convert to Islam moments before converting to Islam.According to the diplomat he converted to Islam 25 years ago.

Seifeldin Usher was a Muslim when he was appointed as US Consul General in November 2018.

He had petitioned Supreme Court in 1997 to change his name from Stephen Usher to Seifeldin Usher after marrying a Common Wealth Citizen.

Below is a statement by The Gazette, Official Public Record of UK, on Seif’s change of name:

“Notice is hereby given that by a Change of Name Deed Poll dated the 16th October 1997 and enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court on 12th December 1997, SEIFELDIN USHER, married a Commonwealth citizen as defined by section 37(1) of the British Nationality Act 1981, has abandoned the forename of Stephen and assumed the forename of Seifeldin. Barnett Sampson, 30 b Wimpole Street, London W1M 7AE, Solicitors for the said Seifeldin Usher, formerly Stephen Usher. 12th December 1997”.

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