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Google Doodle celebrates Steve Irwin’s 57th Birthday

Google Doodle is celebrating the life and legacy of Steve Irwin, a wildlife conservationist and television personality.

Irwin shared his love of large reptiles with people through his TV series The Crocodile Hunter.

Born in Australia, the conservationist dedicated his life to the preservation of wildlife on Feb 22, 1962, and was given large python for his sixth birthday by Bob Irwin who raised him.

“Learning to wrestle crocodiles since the age of nine, Irwin volunteered with Queensland’s East Coast Crocodile Management Program, helping to capture and relocate endangered saltwater crocodiles—the largest of all living reptiles—to protect them from being harmed. He was involved in all aspects of managing his family’s park, which was renamed Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park, and eventually the Australia Zoo,” Google wrote on a page about the Doodle.

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