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India’s Armed Forces Academy website hacked

Hackers have disfigured a website of Armed Forces Academy India apparently in a tit -for-tat move a day after reports emerged that Pakistan Foreign Office website came under attack by Indian hackers.

The hackers left a picture of a man crushing poster of Indian army chief under his foot as well as a message mocking Indian jingoism.

They message left by the hackers seemed to mock the Indians who have been expressing their desire to conquer Pakistani city of Lahore since the Pulwama suicide attack took place.

“Who wants Lahore? Before dreaming of Lahore’s conquest, ask your elders. It was your general (Niranjan Parshad 15 Inf Div) who had run away from Laho’re sector leaving behind his jeep which is still in Pakistan”.  

A wave of jingoism has swept through Indian media  after a suicide bomber killed over 40 Indian soldiers in Occupied Kashmir’s Pulwama district last week.

New Delhi has blamed Pakistan for supporting the militants in Kashmir, a charge that Islamabad has denied.

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