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Louisville shooting: Calls for police to release Connor Sturgeon Instagram livestream to change laws

A 25-year-old bank employee opened fire at his workplace in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday morning and livestreamed the attack that left four dead and nine others injured, authorities said.

The gunman was identified as Connor Sturgeon, an employee at Old National Bank.

A screenshot of the gunman’s LinkedIn profile

The shooting was livestreamed on Instagram and has been taken down but not immediately after the shooting. 

Jesus Enrique Rosas is a body language expert

His Instagram account was taken down after the shooting was livestreamed.

Connor Sturgeon’s Instagram story before his account was taken down

According to CNN, police are in possession of the video.

Thousands of people searched for the video online after it was livestreamed.

Multiple people criticized the authorities’ decision not to let them watch the video of the violence.

A Twitter user said, “We need to show the gruesome videos of people being murdered at the Louisville Bank and Sturgeon Connor’s livestream of it. How else are we going to ever change our laws? Gun obsessed morons are responsible.”

Another agreed and said, “We cover it up and are then able to essentially ignore it after a day or two.”

President Joe Biden condemned the latest mass shooting and called on Republicans in Congress to take action on gun laws.

The shooting once again stirred debate on gun law, with most of the Americans calling for a ban.

But there were some people who used social media ro argue that people not guns are to blame for the violence.

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