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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Elon Musk wowed by 100x zoom which people believe fakes moon photos

Elon Musk was impressed by the camera result of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra when a user posted a video of himself taking a picture of the moon.

The Twitter CEO wrote “Wow” when the user shared the amazing shot with caption, “I don’t know who needs to take a 100x photo of the moon, but clearly the Galaxy S23 is the phone for you.”

Elon Musk’s “wow” also elicited a reply from Samsung Mobile US Twitter account which proudly said, “I know right.”

But، hardware expert Usman Pirzada said, “These moon pictures are not exactly real. They use AI to regenerate details that aren’t there using stored info. The simplest way to imagine it is like an overlay being applied over the base shot. Moon is tidally locked to us (same face no matter what) so pretty easy.”

When Usman was confronted by another user he argued, “Never said it was fake, just that it wasn’t entirely real. Depends on how you define fake. Samsung uses ML models to regenerate texture and details and scene recognition knows it’s the moon. So while it’s not photo substitution, you are seeing a lot more than the optics provide.”

Elon Musk, however, did not chose to share his opinion in the debate on Samsung mobile.

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