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Spring to start with last Supermoon of 2019

LONDON: Folks are waiting to snap some photos expecting a special treat in the night sky on the first day of spring after Supermoon moon ushers in the season.

The moon will become full at 9:42 ppm, EDT four hours after the vernal equinox –the indication of start of spring.

The vernal equinox usually falls about March 20 or 21, as the moon crosses the celestial equator going north.

UK weather updates suggest spring starts on March 1 but the astronomical definition of the season says it begins on March 20.

This month’s Supermoon, which is the third and the last for 2019, convinces with vernal equinox on March 20

This month’s fool moon is also called Worm Supermom because more worms start emerging as grounds soften this time of the year.

The moon will rise in the east around 7:32 pm on the first day of Spring and will set the morning of March 21 in the west around 8:19 am.

A Supermoon when full moon is at its closest distance to  the earth and results in slightly larger  than usual size when viewed from earth.

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