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Taliban say Mullah Omar never visited Pakistan, post pictures of ex-supremo’s house

Karachi: The Taliban on Monday rejected as propaganda claims that their former supreme leader Mullah Omar lived in Pakistan or
any other country before he died.

“Propaganda by US stooges in this regard is attempt at character assassination. They have no proof the late leader of IEA resided outside Afghanistan.

When late #AmirUlMumineen was waging Jihad against international tyrant, the current stooges in #Kabul were not even present in the arena,” said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on Twitter.

He said the late Taliban leader spent his entire time in Afghanistan and never visited Pakistan or any other country for a single day.

“He passed away because he refused treatment in another country for a curable disease. Report publish in the regard is correct”.

The Taliban spokesman also shared pictures of Mulla Omar’s room and a small garden where he used to sunbathe.

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