UK royal family fans spread QAnon’s false pedophile claims against Joe Biden

British royal fans are mad at US President Donald Trump for skipping the coronation of King Charles.

Biden said First Lady Jill Biden would attend the ceremony on May 6.

Hundreds of royal fans have criticized the US President following his announcement and they started attacking Biden after some US media personalities criticized the British monarchy and called for its abolishment.

Some royal fans spread false claim fabricated by conspiracy movement QAnon against Joe Biden.

A tweet accusing President Biden of being pedophile was posted by a prominent royal family supporter.

Donald Trump’s supporters also joined royals fans to target Biden in replies under the tweet attacking the president.

The tweet viewed by thousands of users, read,”I find it extremely hilarious when American media personalities, with zero ties to the UK, start screaming about “abolish the monarchy”

Ummm.. hello.. you have a senile, child sniffing pedophile for a President.

Maybe, worry about your own country becoming a disaster before poking your schnoz where it doesn’t belong.”

How did unfounded allegations of pedophilia infiltrate American political life? According to USA Today, they are a central tenet of the extremist conspiracy movement QAnon whose followers believe that Trump is a messianic figure battling a “deep state” of devil-worshipping, child-molesting Democrats. 

Observers say the 2016 presidential election spurred the rise of conspiracy theories once confined to the fringes. With influential figures using their social media megaphones to amplify them, incendiary falsehoods are circulating in the mainstream before the November election in an alarming break from the norms of presidential politicking. 

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