University of Illinois Urbana’s foul mouthed professor Shahbaz Gill attacks Pakistani journalists

Washington: Dr Shahbaz Gill, a professor at University of Illinois Urbana, has been trolling Pakistani journalist since he fled to the US after being tortured in custody.

After his release from jail last year, Gill said he was a changed man and apologized to many people for his past behavior when he was a close aide to former prime minister Imran Khan.

Dr Gill’s government presided over a crackdown against journalists and opposition politicians during it’s stint between 2018-2022.

The professor at the US University is known for using abusive and foul language against political rivals.

After fleeing to the US, Gill is once again using his social media accounts to attack Pakistani journalists.

On Sunday, he targeted Fakhar Durrani, one of Pakistan’s top Investigative journalists, when the reporter said that Elon Musk was not paying much to him for millions of impressions on his tweets.

Dr Gil trolled the journalist and accused him of taking bribe from former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

While Gill did not corroborate his claim with any proof, the journalist asked him to explain how he had managed to buy properties worth millions of dollars in Pakistan during Khan’s government.

The journalist also mentioned the number of plots and the areas where Gill allegedly purchased properties.

According to Fakhar Durrani, Gill had assets beyond known sources of income.

He also mentioned the salary Gill received from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Thousands of Pakistanis expressed anger at Gill for using foul language on public platforms despite being a professor at a prestigious university.

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