Ben Affleck praised for defending Muslims on TV shows as Israel continues to attack Gaza

Ben Affleck has avoided using social media to speak about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas that has killed thousands of people this month.

But a large number of people are showering praises on the Hollywood hunk after some of his old videos from his TV appearances surfaced online.

A series of clips featuring Affleck on Bill Maher’s show were shared on X, formerly Twitter, by pro-Palestinian users.

In the undated videos, the actor is seen confornting Bill Maher and Sam Harris while defending Muslims.

He spoke against Islamophobia and the US invasion of Iraq and other Islamic countries.

It’s not known whether Ben Affleck still thinks the same or his views have changed since his TV appearances. His views on the ongoing conflict are also unknown.

Below is the Twitter thread containing his videos.

Ben Affleck