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Story about suicide of Israeli PM’s psychiatrist is fake

London: Hundreds of people are rejoicing over news reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s psychiatrist has committed suicide.

The alleged psychiatrist was named as Dr Moshe Yatom.

Interestingly, Moshe Yatom, the man whose pictures have been circulated by social media users and some suspicious websites, does not identify himself as psychiatrist.

The report about the alleged death of the same psychiatrist was first published on June 23, 2010 by MIFTAH, a Palestinian initiative for news and dialogue.

Currently this news has been republished by a Pakistani news website Global Village Spaces to create an impression that the so-called psychiatrist died currently.

Global Village Spaces is a propaganda tool run by a self-exiled Pakistani journalist, Dr Moeed Pirzada.

Dr Pirzadaz, who was known as a Pakistanis establishment’s stooge, is currently living in the United States.

He is known for spreading lies through his website and is said to have made a fortune out of it by supporting former prime minister Imran Khan.

He fled the country after Khan’s ouster from office.

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