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Baba Vanga: Reasons why not to believe in predictions about 2024

Months before the year’s end, people are a eager to know what 2024 holds for them.

A couple of news outlets have published so-called predictions made by Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga, real name Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova.

Although she died in 1996, conspiracy theorists believe she predicted events that took place after her death.

They are convinced that predictions made by her about 2024 would also come true.

According to those who believe she predicted events that would take place in 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin would become the target of an assassination attempt, the world will witness a medical breakthrough in the treatment of cancer and other diseases, Europe will see a rise in terror attacks, there would be a global economic crisis and a surge in cyber attacks and terrifying weather events.

Many of the people who were close to Baba Vanga have stated that she never made some of the predictions attributed to her.

According to former Journal Metro columnist Jeff Yates, there is no written record of her alleged predictions, but her followers frequently attribute predictions to her. 

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