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Israeli PM Netanyahu’s nephew not killed in Gaza?

Tel Aviv: Four days after Israel said a soldier succumb to injuries sustained in clashes with Hamas, a Russian news outlet identified him as the nephew of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to The Times of Israel, the IDF named the soldier Yair Nifousy, 20, of the Paratrooper’s 101st Battalion, from Adi.

The publication also posted a picture of the deceased on it website but did not say he was the prime minister’s new.

Four days later, Sputnik Arabic reported that Israeli prime minister’s nephew Yair Edou Netanyahu was shot dead by Hamas in Gaza.

The Russian news agency’s report was widely circulated on social media along with the same picture The Times Of Israel posted with the report about the death of Yair Nifousy.

Neither Israeli media nor Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that the deceased was related to the prime minister.

Pro-Palestine social media users celebrated the news which read “Netanyahu’s nephew, Sniper Unit Commander Captain Yair Edou Netanyahu, was killed by the Qassam Brigades.”

It was also claimed that Yair Edou was a sniper.

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