Kate Middleton refused handshake, Meghan Markle given hug by Imam?

The Muslim community leader who refused to shake hands with Kate Middleton is being criticised by some people in the UK.

The Princess of Wales suffered a rare awkward moment while greeting a Muslim community leader.

Kate joined her husband, Prince William to visit Hayes Muslim Centre in London to hear about community efforts to raise funds for those affected by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Some royal fans were not happy with the reaction to Kate’s gesture towards a Muslim Imam and were quick to find some pictures of Meghan Markle with Muslim community leaders.

They said Meghan Markle hugged and kissed multiple Imams which is highly inappropriate and frowned upon in their religion.

They were of the view that Kate might have committed a mistake and must have been informed about Muslim traditions before her visit, but they lamented that Meghan Markle was not criticized the way the Princess of Wales was targeted.

Kate Middleton