Faiz Hameed reacts to Maryam Nawaz’s allegations

Islamabad: Former DG ISI Lt. General (retd) Faiz Hameed has reacted to Maryam Nawaz allegations.

In messages sent to TV anchor Kamran Khan, Hameed said he was merely a major general in 2017-18 when Nawaz Sharif was ousted.

The former spymaster’s statement came after Maryam Nawaz called for his court martial in a latest interview.

He asked whether a major general could have overturned a government on his own.

Faiz Hameed said all the decisions against in the army are taken by the army chief.

He said all the decisions against the PML-N leadership were made by the courts.

For those unaware Faiz Hameed was working as DGC (Director General Counter-intelligence) in the ISI as major general and few people know how much power a DGC holds and what he is capable of doing.

The DGC position is currently held by Major General Faisal Naseer.

Faiz hameed