Imran Riaz Khan’s lawyer targeted by Adil Raja

Islamabad: Mian Ali Ashfaq, the lawyer for Imran Riaz Khan, has become the new target of fugitive propagandist Major (retd) Adil Raja.

In a string of tweets, Raja suggested that the lawyer has helped the intelligence agencies in keeping Imran Riaz in custody.

He also accused Mian Ali Ashfaq, who happens to be Imran Riaz’s friend, of mishandling the case.

The lawyer, however, rejected his claims and said that Major (retd) Adil Raja will have to apologize for making wrong accusations.

Adil Raja accused the lawyer of hiding the facts from people and went on to retweet self-exiled former journalist and PTI sympathizer Waqas’s tweet against Imran Riaz’s lawyer.

Waqas accused Mian Ali Ashfaq of wasting timing in backdoor negotiations with powers that have Imran Riaz in their custody.

Imran Riaz Khan