Why are soldiers shouting at Gen Faiz Hameed in viral videos?

Islamabad: Multiple videos of senior military officers including Lt.General Faiz Hameed being shouted at by some junior officers are doing the rounds on social media.

While people seemed to enjoy the clips, others were left confused.

In one of the videos, an officer asks his subordinates to take Hameed to a hair dresser to turn him into Najam Sethi out of late film star Waheed Murad while objecting to the hair style of the former ISI chief.

Many social media users asked why Faiz Hameed was being shouted at.

Senior journalist Matiullah Jan, who also trained as a solider, explained, “It is a tradition of army officers to hold course reunions in Kakul academy re-enacting their golden days of training where drill instructors shout at them to give them the feeling of being “back to future” and born again to live afresh. But would they ever think afresh is a Q.”

Faiz hameed