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Apple iPod touch unveiled

Apple iPod touch

The iPod touch the savior device for a lot of parents who want to get their kids some sort of device, but aren’t ready to go full smartphone. It’s much smoother & better performing than Android devices at its price point, said a analyst Sasha on Twitter after Apple unveiled an updated iPod Touch.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to express their views after Apple updated the iPod Touch with the iPhone 7’s processor.

Here is collection of some tweets posted by analysts and users:

“If you ignore the ancient iPhone models sold only through resellers or limited to certain regions, the slowest iOS devices now sold are the A10 (iPhone 7 era): new iPod Touch, cheapest iPad. And the vast majority of current offerings are A12. Pretty awesome.,” said a user Marco Arment.

” I find the idea of a phone-less iPhone extremely compelling. Lots of the apps I need, but not always online. Could be the perfect iPhone replacement for weekends and vacations,” said Tim Culpan, a columnist associated with Bloomberg.

Journalist Ronan Price wrote “Apple still hasn’t given up on the iPod Touch, launching new updated version. But just check out the outrageous €220 difference (ouch) between the 32GB and 256GB versions – completely unjustified by storage costs”.

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