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Fayyazul Hassan Chohan attends B4U Global’s Iftar dinner

Lahore: Punjab Minister for Prisons Fayyazul Hassan Chohan on Monday attended an Iftar dinner hosted by B4U Global’s CEO Saifur Rehman Khan Niazi in Lahore.

Pictures released from the event shows the firebrand PTI leader being welcomed by Niazi at his residence where other people were also present.

The event took place days after B4U Global made headlines when a top media organization questioned legitimacy of the company’s business.

According to a report by Samaa TV, B4U Global Investment scheme by Saif Ur Rehman Khan Niazi has grown 4.5 times in less than a year with its investor base rising from 100,000 in June to 450,000.

It was not immediately known whether the minister addressed the people who were part of the dinner.Here’s a collection of pictures of B4U Global’s Iftiar dinner that was attended by Chohan.

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