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Google is entering $140 billion video games industry

After years of anticipation, it was ultimately going to happen. Internet giant Google is entering $140 billion video games industry.

It is s likely to unveil the plan during its presentation at the Game Developers Conference (DGC) in San Francisco.

Although it doesn’t come as shock to entrepreneurs as they have been expecting it for years, they are only eager to know the exact details of how Google plans to challenge its rivals.

People in gaming industry can take solace in the thought that regardless of the sources the search engine might have at its disposal it still faces a huge task due to complexities and strength of the competition.

Experts say if Google launches a cloud-based streaming service, it will have to come up with solution for the problem linked to such games: huge amount of data and bandwidth.

Also the company left experts guessing when Google’s head of hardware and senior vice president of devices used Twitter to promote its presentation at Game Developer Conference.

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