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Pakistan’s Airblue getting two new Airbus A321 Neo planes

Islamabad: Pakistan’s largest private airline Airblue is acquring two Airbus A321 passenger aircraft, according to seasoned journalist Tahir Imran Mian.

He said that Airblue is getting the two planes directly from the manufacturer. “A historic flight has taken off. Pakistan’s larget airline Airblue’s brand new Airbus A321 Neo is coming all the way to Karachi from Hamburg,” he said on Twitter.

The journalist added”This flight is also interesting & historic in another way. It’s a Pakistani airline plane, registered in Pakistan, flown by Pakistani crew. Amid European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s “ban” on Pakistani airlines in Europe this is happening right now.”

When one of his followers asked whether Airblue has purchased the aircraft, the award-winning journalist said, “There is no airline in the world that “buys” the planes. They are all leased.”

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