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Pakistan’s IT company NdcTech showcased at global banking event in London

Karachi / London: NdcTech, Pakistan’s leading IT and consulting company was invited to showcase its offerings as a Silver Sponsor at the Temenos Community Forum 2022, one of the most prestigious banking technology events held recently at the world’s financial city, London, UK. Ammara Masood, CEO and President of NdcTech and Asif Peer, CEO Systems Ltd were present at this international forum, alongside other key management

The event not only brought together banking professionals from across the globe, but also provided a huge opportunity to IT Service providers and Fintechs to showcase their offerings. Various Banks showed interest in the offerings, innovations and product demonstrations of NdcTech, which also proved the capabilities of Pakistan’s IT sector.

The event was a hub for connectivity and innovation for Banks, Fintechs, Service Providers where the recent trends and evolving business models in banking were discussed. Banking as a Service (BaaS), Software as a Service, Banking as a platform, embedded finance, and cloud banking were few of the key themes discussed throughout the event.

Temenos also revealed their star of the show “Temenos CEO Navigator”, an industry-leading customer advisory service backed by data from over 100 banks, that will provide powerful business insights to clients. Temenos unveiled its new brand logo and identity during the conference. Their new vision is to be a Banking platform for everyone while combining the power of technology with a human touch.

Speaking with Fintech Finance, Ammara Masood, CEO, NdcTech highlighted the evolution of global business models in banking, including digital banks, Fintechs working as Electronic Money Institutions, and traditional banks with digital innovative services. She further mentioned that “All these institutions need a partner like NdcTech who can meet their evolving requirements, bring innovations, and provide platform capabilities relevant to their model”

NdcTech is an award-winning partner of Temenos, working with 100+ banks globally and possessing a rich history of 22 years. The company brings innovative offerings to clients seeking to strengthen their banking capabilities. Their services consist of core modernization, digital transformation, managed services and banking on the cloud. NdcTech’s team of hundreds of Temenos certified consultants serve clients and deliver transformational services in over 29 countries globally. The company caters to the unique needs of Retail banks, Digital banks, Islamic Banks, Microfinance banks, Central banks and Investment banks.

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