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Porsche: Pakistan not included in the list of Asian countries on carmaker’s website

Porsche made headlines in Pakistan after the German luxury carmaker’s franchise in Pakistan accused it of attempting to “bankrupt and discredit” the appointed representative in the South Asian country.

The franchise issued the statement after fraud allegations were made by customers against it in Lahore, the country’s second biggest city.

Dubbing the claims as “misleading and irresponsible”, the car dealer said that Porsche AG illegally refused to supply vehicles to its consumers in the country for two years and that it was “an attempt to bankrupt and discredit Porsche Pakistan”.

“The eventual aim [was] to transfer the business to an influential and controversial business group with which a prearrangement was concluded by the regional office of Porsche AG (Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE),” it claimed.

A loot at Porsche’s official website shows that on the home page Pakistan is not included in the list of countries in Asia.

Here’s are the names of the Asian countries included in Porsche’s list on its official website.

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