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Samsung Galaxy Fold price in Pakistan

What is the Samsung Galaxy Fold Price in Pakistan is the question you might have come across if you happen to be in the company of tech-savvy friends, family members or office colleagues.

The revolutionary phone is all set to launch on April 26.

Mobile phone enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the South Korean tech giant to reveal the phone ever since it announced plans to launch the device.

With its release date finalize now folks around the world are wondering about the Samsung Galaxy Fold price.

And Pakistani are no exception. The phone is expected to be priced at $1980, according to foreign media reports.

But Whatmobile, a popular Pakistani website, puts the expected price at $2236.

According to the website, Samsung Galaxy Fold price in Pakistan is expected to be 299,999.

But the consumers should keep in mind foreign currency exchange rate in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, ahead of its big launch, the company has gifted the device to Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoom as part of its promotional campaign.

The Prince, popularly know as Fazza, posted to his Instagram story photo and video of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, giving thumbs up to the company for launching the revolutionary device.

An Arab newspaper said the phone will be priced at $1980 in the United Arab Emirates.

Keeping in mind the Arab media report and dollar rate in the country we can say Samsung Galaxy Fold price in Pakistan is expected to be priced at 281,160.

The prices in Pakistan would be subject to change because official dealers and warranty providers regulate the retail price of Samsung mobile products in official warranty.

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