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Aima Baig reacts to cheating allegations

Amia Baig announced she has parted ways with fiance Shahbaz Shigri after she was accused of cheating on him.

The announcement came after screenshots of her alleged chat with Qes Ahmed flooded social media websites.

The Pakistan singer was accused of cheating on Shigri with Qes by British model Taloulah Mair.

Mair has also received backlash for her role in the controversy and what several Pakistanis said demonizing Aima Baig.

Screenshot of alleged chat between Aima and Qes. It was shared by Taloulah Mair

Aima Baig was trolled on Twitter after the alleged chat between her and Qes went viral.

Taking to Instagram, the ‘Baazi’ singer said, ”Yes, I will always respect this person for giving me a good time. Sometimes, sh*t happens for a reason. And to answer all your questions, yes we have parted ways. But we are both doing good and fine, so don’t worry. I wanted to do it in the most respectful way and so I did. People can choose their ways of expressing their feelings, which define who they are from the inside.

Aima added. “That’s me telling the truth to anyone wondering they are or they are not together. And the answer is, nope. Me and Shahbaz are not together anymore.” Aima concluded her statement with, “PS: No more ‘feeling sorry texts’ please! We are doing just fine.”

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