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Ainak Wala Jin actor accuses Jubilee Life Insurance of stealing data, fraud

Lahore: Haseeb Pasha of Ainak Wala Jin fame has accused Jubilee Life Insurance of fraud and stealing data.

In a video that is doing the rounds on Whatsapp groups and Facebook pages, the actor said he was approached by the company to become part of a five-year policy and when he visited The Jubilee Life Insurance office after five years he was told that the scheme has a duration of 10 years.

The actor who played the role of “Hamoon Jadoogar” in the famous TV serial said the insurance company stole his data from the bank in order to approach him.

He also accused the company’s staff of lying to him when he approached to surrender the policy.

Pasha warned people against investing in policies that could become a trouble in the future.

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