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Allah Rakha Pepsi Urf Pani Puri opens up about Liberty Chowk performance at PML-rally

Lahore: Comedian Allah Rakha Pepsi Urf Pani Puri was mocked by hundreds of political workers after he performed at the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz rally.

The comedian broke into tears during an interview with a YouTuber, prompting some PTI workers to apologize.

Earlier, the comedian claimed that a sea of people was present at the PML-N rally which was organized at the Liberty Chowk.

He said that it was him who requested to perform at the event.

Allah Rakha said that he wanted to do parody of former prime minister Imran Khan.

He said that he wants to thank everyone who liked his performance.

The PML-N had organized the rally to express solidarity with Hamza Shehbaz after Friday’s voting for the Punjab chief minister.

The party was mocked and criticized by PTI workers and journalists for what they said its failure to draw a big crowd.

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