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Alveena Agha left red-faced as guest explains size of bananas with hand gestures on TV show

Alveena Agha, the anchor of News One TV channel, couldn’t help laughing when her guest went on to explain the size of bananas being grown in Bombay and Dhaka while using hand gestures.

Khawaja Naveed, the guest on Alveena’s how “Bilatakalluf” was advising Pakistani farmers to grow bananas after conducting research on how the fruit is produced in Mumbai and Dhaka.

He said bananas in Mumbai are so big (using hand gesture)that only six are enough to fill the room with their smell. He then talked about the size of bananas in Dhaka (against using hands gesture).

Khawaja Naveed then told Alveena that bananas in Sindh are very small while using his finger to explain the size of local banana.

Alveena, who was left red-faced and seemed to suppress her smile, broke into a laughter at the end.

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