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Amanda Seyfried gets explicit photo leaked and fans are voicing support

NEW YORK: People were voicing support for actress Amanda Seyfried who have her intimate photo leaked all over the internet.

The 31-year old Mamma Mia star was defended by fans who criticized the unknown person for leaking the photo without her consent.

Some people were pleasantly surprised to see the amount of support Amanda Seyfield received.

Instead of shaming the actor, ,people seemed to empower her.

“Instead of sharing old private photos of #AmandaSeyfried, get hyped for the photos we’re going to see on April 10 of a supermassive black hole and quite literally,” a user Kristen Kurugaa wrote on Twitter.

Another user Patrick Braun called out people for what he said running to see the photo and criticize.” I mean, that shows how inhuman and bad people are, not the person who had the photo leaked, she shouldn’t be criticized. All my support to @AmandaSeyfried who’s is feeling that hypocrisy today. #amandaseyfried”

The actress became Twitter trend after her photo that was taken on a boat went viral with fans requesting users to refrain from spreading.

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