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Amber Heard calls Johnny Depp ‘Monster’ in response to his defamation suit

It’s been almost three years since former couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp parted ways, but the war of words between the former couple is far from over.

In yet another string of allegations, 32-year-old “Aquaman” starlet has called her ex-husband a “Monster” who would subject her to torture under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

According to People.com, Amber Heard levelled new allegations in a court filing which she submitted in response to a defamation suit filed against her by Johnny Depp.

 The “Pirates of Caribbean” star had filed the suit for $50 million in damages after Amber Heard penned an op-ed for Washington Post in 2018 in which she claimed being subject of domestic violence.

She, however, did not name Johnny Depp in her op-ed.

According to People, Amber Heard sated in her court filing that Depp repeatedly hit her, ripped out her hair and choked her.

Heard alleged Depp “would become a totally different person, often delusional and violent. We call that version of Johnny, “the Monster”.

In her response she claimed that while on board a plane, Depp threw objects at her due to his alleged disappointment that Amber Heard had done a romantic scene with James Franco.

“Instead of reacting to his behavior, I simply moved seats. “That didn’t stop him. He provocatively pushed a chair at me as I walked by, yelled at me, and taunted me by yelling out the name ‘James Franco,’” People quoted the actress as claiming in her court filing.

She further claimed that Depp “slapped me hard, grabbed me by my hair and dragged me from a stairwell to the office to the living to the kitchen to the bedroom and then to the guest room.”

Johnny Depp’s attorney in a statement to People rejected the allegations ans said: “A hoax confronted with the reality of evidence requires new lies to sustain itself.”

“Yesterday’s filing, made by a woman with a prior arrest and incarceration for domestic abuse, presented Amber Heard’s new lies,” said the attorney in an obvious reference to her arrest in 2010 over domestic violence.

The charges, however, were dropped.

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