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Anne Heche’s death in car crash sparks conspiracy theories

Actor Anne Heche died after suffering severe injuries in a fiery car crash.

She was due to be taken off life support on Sunday, nine days after suffering severe injuries in a fiery car crash, as a compatible person was found to receive her donated organs, a spokesperson said.

Heche’s Mini Cooper sped out of control, plowed into a house and burst into flames on Aug. 5.

Conapiracy theories started spreading shortly after reports and pictures of the crash surfaced online.

Some of her fans think she was killed for working in a film about sex trafficking.

A user wrote, “Anne Heche dying in a car accident after filming a movie about sex trafficking is VERY fishy.

Others said there was something fishy because the 53-year-old tried to get off the stretcher the day of her accident.

Another user was of the view that it is very common for folks with head injuries and/or oxygenation issues to be combative.

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